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v Major Inspections

Ø  Testing, calibration and adjustment of all operating and safety controls.

Ø   Verification of systems design operating temperatures and pressures.

Ø  Refrigerant system leak testing

Ø  Verification of proper system electrical operation

Ø  Alignment and adjustment of all mechanical drive assemblies

Ø  Lubrication of all applicable system components

Ø   Inspection of all heat exchangers for deterioration

Ø  Oil analysis testing of semi-hermetic compressors (Annually)

Ø  Infra-red scan testing of applicable system components

Ø  Cleaning of all accessible system components

v Minor Inspections

Ø  Audio-visual determination of general system condition and operation

Ø  Cleaning of condensate pans and drains

Ø  Sight-glass verification of proper refrigerant charge

Ø  Verification of proper evaporator coil inlet and outlet temperatures

v Evaporator Coil Cleaning

Ø  Protect against evaporator coil fouling and micro-biological growth

Ø  Maintains system capacity and efficiency, reduces unscheduled visits

Ø  Evaporator coils should be treated annually

v Condenser Coil Cleaning

Ø  Protects against condenser coil fouling resulting in loss system capacity,

    decreased efficiency and unscheduled emergency repairs

Ø  Condenser coils should be cleaned annually

v Drive Belt Changes

Ø  Protects against loss of system capacity and unscheduled emergency repairs

Ø  Frequency required varies with hours of operation and type of drive system

Ø  Single and Dual belt drives should be change annually

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